MacLife is an Apple Authorized Service Provider.  You’ll find new Mac computers with the same warranty as you would at an Apple corporate store or from Apple online. We are locally owned and have a wide selection of accessories, services, and classes. You never need an appointment to ask a question at MacLife!

Apple has recognized MacLife as being among the best repair shops in the country for fast and accurate warranty and non-warranty repair.

We are independent. We bring a fresh combination of high quality accessories and service to Idaho. Our staff may not have the coolest haircuts in town, but we are professional, knowledgeable, and patient. You never need an appointment to talk to us. Ask all the questions you want – before and after the sale.

Since 2006 Kevin Love and Erik Smith have owned MacLife and managed it with a commitment to providing a great Apple experience to the Treasure Valley community.

Erik Smith, owner and service director, brings 20+ years of experience in IS, IT, and electronic design & repair. Erik thrills in high-performance system design and network security.

Kevin Love, owner and general manager, has 20+ years in Mac consulting in professional music environments along with extensive management experience. Kevin is an expert in designing and implementing Apple-based professional audio studio systems.

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