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1 PowerStation+1 Stylus

High-quality accessories to solve problems big and small.

Protection can be beautiful.

Get a case on your iPhone 6.

2 SpeckGalaxy
2 PinkTrident

Your Network needs to be...



Able to grow

Special 18-Month Financing Available Now!

Apply In Store through Dec 9!

Our Customers Never Need an Appointment

MacLife customers are welcome to visit and ask questions anytime. Or request help through our site here. 

Switch to Mac

We make it easy to switch with free classes and data transfer services. (Yes, you can use the Word & Excel files from your old PC!)

Limited Time Available: 18-Month Financing

Pay off your Mac within 18-months and pay no interest! The in-store application process is quick & simple.

We do Warranty Repairs

We handle Apple Warranty repairs and non-warranty repairs accurately and quickly. Apple has recognized our Service Department as among the best in the country.

Business Services

Our specialty is supporting businesses that use both PCs and Macs. Our techs have real-world experience with the latest security and communication technologies.  

We are not a Franchise

We are a Boise-owned, independent business. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

MacLife in Downtown Boise

421 S. 8th Street
Boise ID 83702
Service Department: (208) 906-8312
Store: (208) 323-6721

Monday thru Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

MacLife on Overland Road

8610 W. Overland Road
Boise ID 83709    
Service Department: (208) 629-2082
Store: (208) 323-6721

Monday thru Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Map & Directions

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